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IKEA and Rainmaking first met during autumn 2016 when IKEA New Business & Innovation was on an inspirational trip to find new ideas and collaborations. After a first visit meeting Rainmaking and different entrepreneurs, IKEA got inspired to continue opening up for curious and motivated startups. A few more visits and catchups later it was decided in February 2017, that IKEA and Rainmaking was going to co-create a startup program together. The result was launched in May 2017 as IKEA Bootcamp.

About IKEA

IKEA is an entrepreneurial company by heart. For the last 70 years IKEA has been known for challenging conventions and having an entrepreneurial and opportunity driven approach. From the very beginning, we decided to side with the many; the vision “To create a better everyday life for the many people” has always led the way. At IKEA Range & Supply in Älmhult, we have gathered over 58 different nationalities to strive to develop IKEA products that improve the everyday life of the many people with thin wallets. It is also here that we explore the new solutions and innovations of tomorrow to continue to fulfill our vision in the future.

Main focus
Improve everyday life for the many people



43 countries

Main focus
We create positive change through entrepreneurship



11 offices

About Rainmaking

Rainmaking is a global cooperative of entrepreneurs who run startups and innovation programs in more than 40 countries. We are a global team of 400+ entrepreneurs, strategists, product experts, developers, designers and investors. Our global network provides us with first-hand access to innovative startups and early-stage companies in every major startup ecosystem worldwide.

And we are still founders at heart. To date we have founded 25 companies based on our own ideas and seed funded them ourselves. Followed up with +20m EUR from external investors.

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