About The Application

1. When can I apply to IKEA Bootcamp?

Applications are open and you can apply till Sunday, 6 August 2017 midnight CET.

2. How do I apply to IKEA Bootcamp?

Our program has an online application form at F6S. Follow this link to start your application: https://www.f6s.com/ikeabootcamp/apply

3. What happens after I submit my application?

Our Scouting team will read through applications on a continuous basis and will provide feedback on your application as soon as possible.

After the application deadline on 6 August, 20 startups will be invited to the selection days in Sweden, where IKEA and Rainmaking will make the final selection of the 10 startups who will attend the program.

If you accept the invitation for the selection days in Sweden, you also agree to join the program if your team is one of the selected 10 startups.

4. When will I know about being invited to selection days?

If you are one of the selected teams invited to the selection days, we will let you know as soon as possible after the application deadline, but at the latest one week in advance of the selection days.

5. When and where will the Selection Days take place?

The selection days will take place at IKEA’s headquarter in Älmhult, on 21-22 August, 2017.

About Head Start Events

6. What is a Head Start?

A Head Start event is our pitch-events, where 10 startups per city will get the unique opportunity to connect with IKEA’s key Innovation decision makers and a chance to get a head start into the IKEA Bootcamp program.

10 Startups are selected to join each event, which will be around 3 hours including time to pitch and meet the IKEA Bootcamp team. To apply, please complete the following application form:


7. How does joining a Head Start help me?

If you’re one of the selected startups for the Head Start, you’ll be invited to pitch your business idea to the IKEA Bootcamp team consisting of Innovation experts from IKEA and Rainmaking. In return you’ll get valuable feedback and advice on your startup, and increased chances of being selected into the program.

8. What is the difference between Head Start and Selection Days?

Head Start pitch-events will take place over the summer in eight cities around the world. They are an unique opportunity to meet and connect with the IKEA Bootcamp team and to pitch your startup to the key decision makers of the program. Any startup can apply to join the Head Starts.

Selection Days are the last step to get accepted into IKEA Bootcamp. After the application deadline the 6th of August, the top-20 startups will be selected and invited to join selection days in Sweden. The 10 best startups will thereafter be invited to the program.

9. How can I join a Head Start?

You can join a Head Start by applying here: https://www.f6s.com/ikeabootcampheadstart

Remember, if you are invited to join a Head Start, you will still need to apply for the IKEA Bootcamp through our online application process.

10. When and Where will the Head Starts be?

There will be 8 Head Start events around the world. We will visit the following cities:

  • Copenhagen – June 9th
  • London – June 12th
  • Paris – June 14th
  • Barcelona – June 21st
  • Stockholm – June 27th
  • Tel Aviv – June 29th
  • New York – July 6th
  • Berlin – July 11th

11. Are there other opportunities than the Head Starts to meet IKEA Bootcamp?

Yes! We will be attending different tech and Innovation conferences over the summer to scout for startups. If you see us there feel free to just reach out! If you want to plan an informal meetup with us, like a coffee, ping us at scouting@ikeabootcamp.com.

Here’s some of the conferences we will attend:

You can also connect with us at our Meetups; informal 1:1 meetings (no pitch decks needed!), where we can get to know each other better over a beer or cup of coffee. To book a time with us, find out where to meet us below and fill out the short application form. If there is not a Meetup in your city, it is also possible to apply for an online Meetup on Skype.

  • Copenhagen
  • London
  • Berlin
  • Online

About You

12. Who can apply?

The starting point for all our partnerships is that we want to collaborate with people that share our values and vision. We are looking for startups who are working on solving the IKEA ‘Big Problems’ around being truly affordable for the many people, reaching and interacting with the many, and enabling a positive impact on the planet, people and society.

You are a team of co-founders with an early stage startup; your company may have anything from a first prototype to early revenue. You may or may not have received your first funding. We imagine you work within some of the following fields:

  • Disruptive technologies
    E.g. IoT, VR, AR and 3D print
  • Customer Experience & Retail
    E.g. omnichannel, VR shopping and chatbots
  • Disruptive design
    E.g. AI Assisted design, Smart materials & Innovation, and Sensor Tech
  • Sustainability
    E.g. Green footprint, recycling, Smart energy, Biomaterials and Circularity
  • Food innovation
    E.g. Urban farming, VR Food tasting, New ingredients and Healthy eating
  • Manufacturing
    E.g. Cost Reduction Technologies, Optimizing Packaging, and material Innovation
  • Supply chain & logistics
    E.g. Shipping & Tracking, Logistics & Delivery, and Drones
  • Systems & analytics
    E.g. Cloud Innovation, Data Visualisation, Predictive Analytics and Big data

13. How many members of the team can join the program?

Up to 4 members of your team can attend IKEA Bootcamp for the 3 months.

About The Location

14. Where is Älmhult?

15. Can I take part in the program without moving to Älmhult?

The core team (2-4 people) of your startup need to attend the program in Sweden for its full duration.

16. Do I need to stay in Älmhult after the program is finished?

No, you are free to move anywhere after the program is finished.

17. How do I get to Sweden?

Älmhult is situated in Sweden, about 2 hour by train from Malmö/Copenhagen Airports.

Expenses for travelling to Sweden is not covered by IKEA Bootcamp. However, the 20,000 EUR grant also cover these types of expenses.

18. Do I need a VISA to join the program in Sweden?

Residents outside of the European Union or Schengen will have to apply for a VISA to visit the program. You will need to apply for the VISA yourself, however, we will provide you with an invitation letter.

19. Is accomodation provided as part of the program?

Yes, IKEA will provide free accommodation, as well as co-working space for your team (2-4 people) during the program.

About The Program

20. What is IKEA Bootcamp?

IKEA Bootcamp is a unique opportunity for your team to connect and collaborate with IKEA – one of the most valuable brands in the world. 10 selected startups will be invited to join the 3-month program, to work closely together with IKEA and Rainmaking to accelerate their startup – without giving up equity in their company.

21. What’s the program deal?

If you are one of the selected startups, you will get access to IKEA’s expertise & mentors, IKEA’s prototype shop & testlabs, and the possibility of a longer cooperation with IKEA after the program is finished. Furthermore, you will get tailored mentorship and advice from Rainmaking’s global network of entrepreneurs, experts & investors, a €20K grant to spend on developing your startup, and free co-working space & housing for the 3-month program.

22. How long is the program?

The program is 3 months. It runs from 18 September 2017 till 8 December 2017.

23. I have other commitments, can I join the program for less than three months?

Once you are selected to join the program, your team is expected to be fully committed and on-site for the 3 months.

24. Is accomodation provided as part of the program?

Yes, IKEA will provide free accommodation for your team (2-4 people) during the program.

25. What happens during the program?

You will work closely together with IKEA and Rainmaking to accelerate your startup throughout the 3-month program. It will help your startup by:

  • Working directly with IKEA’s global leaders such as Innovation engineers, product category owner’s, Innovation & creative leaders and value chain experts.
  • Getting privileged access to IKEA’s prototype shop, test labs and advanced materials equipment.
  • Attending startup classes and workshops – tailored to your needs and how to build a company.
  • Getting hands-on support from our entrepreneurs – on topics such as business development, UX, design, growth hacking and fundraising.

The program will end in December with a large Demo-Day event, where the 10 startups will showcase their startup and progress throughout the program, to both IKEA and external investors.

26. What is your approach to taking out equity?

IKEA will not take equity in the participating startups. The 20,000 EUR is a grant to help you develop your product and business.

27. What happens after the program?

IKEA is open to several ways of collaborating, for instance through setting up license agreements, development agreements or establishing joint ventures. IKEA will also consider collaborating through investing or signing supplier agreements with your startup.

28. How can people outside the program see what is happening?

There will be a Demo Day in mid-December in Älmhult, which will be open to external investors and the press.

29. I have more questions!

Please, get in touch: contact@ikeabootcamp.com

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